Monday, October 1, 2012

Sonne's Top 10 Favorites - Summer Snacks

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am obsessed with food! I love cooking and baking it, I love photographing it and most of all, I love eating it. So, my post today will be all about FOOD! It's spring time here in Australia and although for me that means lot's of rain and good odds of a cyclone, for the majority of the country it means cool evenings, warm days and the beginning of a long, hot summer. To that end, I am going to post up a variety of sweet and  extra-yummy summer must-makes!

Number 1 - Flavored Ice

Nothing say's Hello Summer like ice cubes packed with sweet and tangy delicate things to both cool and delicious. It's the most simple thing to make and looks incredible. You can freeze all sorts of things in them; edible flowers, berries, herbs, zest, fruit pieces, cordials and syrups and alcohols. You could even mix up your favorite cocktails, freeze them in ice cube trays for a sweet, cool snack before heading out on the town!

Number 2 - Pill Bottle Snacks

How adorable are these? The perfect thing to store your favorite pick-me-up in. Simply design a label that looks like it belongs on a pill bottle and slap it on a jar, you could even go so far as to paint the jars orange to really make them look like they're prescribed bottles of happiness!
Another idea is to bake little versions of your favorite cookies in the shape of circles and round ended ovals and ice them like pills and tablets! The perfect snack to lift your spirits and make all the days hardships melt away.

Number 3 - Cupcake Ice Creams

I have become obsessed with these delicious pretties! They're not only cute but super easy! Simply pour your cupcake batter into ice cream cones and bake, then ice them up all pretty like ice creams! Simply sumptuous.

Number 4 - Icy poles

Rainbow Ice pops! I have a thing for rainbow's, if that isn't already obvious. These are gorgeous snacks that are a healthy alternative to the snacks I've just listed. It's pretty easy to figure these one's out; you can either use colored cordials or puree you're own juices and layer them up! Just make sure that you fully freeze each layer before adding the next so that they don't mix up and go all yucky.

Number 5 -Fruity Choc Pops

This cute little tutorial is courtesy of 9gag, and doesn't it look delicious? I love kiwi fruit and chocolate but I've never even thought of this! The best thing is that you can do it with any fruit you like. Imagine the possibilities? Mango and white chocolate, Pear and dark chocolate, frozen berry puree and milk chocolate? The combinations are endless, and delicious!

Number 6 - Jellied Slice

Yum, there is nothing more delicious than cold slice on a hot day, especially when it's fruity and sexy! A layer of biscuit base, a layer of yummy coconut or white chocolate cheese cake and some lip-smacking jelly! Spice it up with a delicious fruit cut out between the cheesecake and the jelly (it'll help you cut even slices too!)

Number 7 - Ice Cream Sandwiches

Who doesn't love a scoop of their favorite ice cream smack dab in the middle of two extra-yummy cookies and slathered in fun? I know I wouldn't pass one up, especially if it contained a scoop of Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream. It's really easy to make. Simply take two of your favorite cookies and your favorite ice cream. Mold a scoop or two of the ice cream with a cookie cutter the same size as your cookies then slap the cookies on either side. You can dress it up with some syrup or hundreds and thousands, or some colored sugar crystals!

Number 8 - Sorbet

Sorbet is a classic summer treat; it's delicious and refreshing and fat free too! It's a little tricky to make though but it really doesn't take that much to get the hang of. There's literally hundreds of tasty combinations that can be made. Here's a link with ten easy recipes for delicious home made sorbet that'll keep you cool, happy and light as a feather!

Number 9 - Vegetable & Fruit Juice

Juice is a must for a sweet summer cool-off that's healthy and delicious. Simply puree some of your favorite fruits and veggies, add some apple juice, soda water or lemonade and hey-presto! There's tonnes of recipes for healthy fruit juices to boost your immune system, to get you started here's a couple of juice recipes to wet your whistle!

Power Gulp, Total Health Booster, Antioxidant Supreme, Energy Upper, Immune Booster, Post-Workout Refueler, and Detox.

You can google other recipes or create your own but this is the ultimate summer stomach pleaser!

Aaaaaaaaaaand Number 10 - Custard Filled Berries

This delicious treat was something that was first introduced to me by Brit & Co. This delectable treat can be made with any fruit. Simply buy or make your favorite custard, hollow out or slit your fruit and pipe the custard into the hole left behind. Refrigerate till the custard is set and then snack! It wouldn't be hard to add a dash of your favorite alcohol to the custard either. Imagine - Vodka and Raspberry, Strawberry and Midori, Grape and Peach Schnapps?

I know my summer is going to be filled with delectable treats, how about yours?


  1. Great... Now I'm hungry... *stalks away towards the kitchen*

  2. I know, I made this list and then had to go and bake some Churros.