Monday, January 28, 2013

An Online Job?

While I know that many of those 'online jobs' you see all over the internet are really just scams there are a few out there that work.
Your not going to get rich fast, I will give you that, but you can make a little money on the side.
I myself get about $30usd a month from doing various tasks:

K, I actually I haven't earned any money yet from doing this but it is possible. If you blog about something that enough people want to read about then you can earn a little something from ads on your blog. No, you yourself aren't technically endorsing this sites or products, your just allowing them to advertise on your blog.
Yes, it is a little bit more work but if you write articles for different companies online you will get a little payout. You can even write guest posts on other blogs; if they have enough faithful followers you may earn a little yourself if you can get their attention.                                                         Click Here! for some legit writing jobs that I use.
Free Paid Surveys! Now you will have to put in plenty of work for this one but there are ways of getting a bit of money out of this.

Click Here! for a free paid survey site.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Emily's Shoe Picks

Click on any of the pictures if your interested.
Before I go on I'm going to disclaim this. Some of these shoes are ads but I'm not putting up any shoes that I wouldn't buy myself. These shoes are my taste, if you don't like them then don't buy them, simple as that.
Now for the shoes I like:
            Note that these shoes are all on my wishlist or in my closet. I don't indors things I don't like or agree with. If I wouldn't buy it myself then I wouldn't post good reviews about it or lie and say I like it.

Free Money?!

Yup, there are ways to get things for free.

Recently I've had a friend tell me she was moving here and that she had a place set up and everything.
There will be three of us to split the bills between but money will still be tight since everyone is still a college student.
So while I'm searching for a better job I also wanted to look into anything free. So I tried the classifieds in the local paper and local news station website. I found some pretty good deals but I was hoping for a little bit more. We have the basic objects like a couch and... one bed... for three of us... So I decided to look on amazon since you can get some cheap stuff there.
Long story short my cat tried to attack my hand while I was surfing the site and clicked a link.
Free Amazon Gift Cards What caught my eye was getting FREE amazon gift cards.
Now, I am a member of Search & Win and I love it but it does take a bit of time which lately, with college and work, I haven't had enough time to really earn to much. I still get about $5 a month but that's not a lot to work with.
So, I decided to check out the site I mentioned earlier. It's been 20 minutes... and I've already earned $5!
Now, I wont say that that is normal because I barely joined. If it is then wonderful! But if it isn't at least I got something out of it. It's always nice to get free money... the legal way.

Click the links to go to the site and check it out. You don't have to join but it wouldn't hurt you to at least look.