Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Worse Day Pt. 2

So... As you may know, today has not been the best for me... Well, it got a little better, my dad helped me bandage my foot up (it's feeling a little better now but still sore) and my me gái (sister in vietnamese) Han let me... ok nevermind she begged me to curl her hair and she looks just like a porcelain doll now. So cute!
But then it was time for bed. So I walk into my bedroom and find out that... the cat (my sisters cat I'm watching for a while) dragged my favorite night robe into her litterbox. She was mad because I hadn't changed it in a while; I've been busy. She knew that I wore that thing all the time so she purposely dragged it in, I mean in in, it was completely pushed into the little box! GROSS! It was my favorite :( so warm and comfy and silky... well... I'm not wearing it now. But at least Truffles the cat got what she wanted. Just that I suffered for it. At least now I know never to skip a litter box cleaning or I might lose something else I like to her.

Worse Day EVER!

In order for you to understand I must tell it in story like detail.
     So, this morning my dad came in to say goodbye as he headed off to school. I saw that I still had almost 3 hours till I had to work so I went back to sleep knowing my alarm clock would go off at 7 for me. Well... it didn't go off. -.-* I woke up at 8:30 knowing I was in so much trouble. It takes me an hour to walk to work and I had to be there at nine.
     The second problem is that I don't have a phone to call in and tell them I'm going to be late. So as I was putting on my uniform I turned on my computer and texted people via email. I texted a fellow coworker who had the same schedule as me, for a ride but his phone was turned off so instead I messaged my father. I knew he was in class so I just left a message asking if he could call. For backup I messaged a friend on facebook and thankfully she was able to call in and tell them I would be an hour late.
     Well, now I could walk to work and not have to worry about getting in trouble for being late since I warned them. So I walked. But there was more trouble to come.
     I started walking as fast as I could without ending up wearing myself out too much and I was lucky enough to catch all the walk signs so I was making good time. But as I was walking down the sidewalk a person on a bike came up behind me (mind you there was plenty of room to go around me) and he nearly hit me. So now I'm upset that I'm late, and frustrated at this man.
      But I need to get to work so I keep on walking. I'm tired and it's muggy and the air quality isn't the greatest because of the summer fires. Then I passed by a place that was under construction. -.- They were digging and there was dust EVERYWHERE! It was hard to breathe and I kept coughing. But nonetheless I had to keep walking so I could get to work.
      Then low and behold, I make it through the 'dust storm' and approach a bike shop and cafe. Of course! They had to have their sprinklers on! And the sidewalk is skinnier here so there was no way around it and those sprinklers were on so high that the sidewalk was drenched.
       So I took a deep breath, and dashed through it. I had to run that whole block through sprinklers and I was so wet when I finally got off that block. Luckily, I still had a ways to go to dry off (I didn't fully dry until an hour into work).
        But of course, there had to be more problems. I pasted by a university where people were cutting the lawn. -.- I have horrible allergies to grass.... So! More walking but this time add coughing, sneezing, and itchy watery eyes.
         A few more blocks and I can finally see my lovely McDonald's (my job). And I trip.
This is where the worse of it happens.
        For a long time now I've had a problem with the bone in my foot; it's twisted the wrong way. So sometimes that bone pops and hurts really bad. This was one of those times. And it was horrible. It hurt so bad I started crying right there on the public sidewalk.
       Well I got to work and thanks to those who helped my call in they weren't expecting my in for a while. I had managed to walk fast enough (and run in some cases) that I arrived only a 25mins late, not an hour like I had thought. So since I called in (or rather my friend and dad did) I wasn't in trouble. I found my manager and limped to work.
        I was doing my best at working and not complaining about it but my foot was hurting so much that my manager could see it in my face and pestered me about it until I told him. He kept asking if I was alright and let me sit a little bit when my good leg got tired of holding me up (since I couldn't use the injured one or it hurt more) and he helped do the hard running around for me. I felt a bit useless but at least I was taking orders and it was really nice of him to do that. Most managers in fast food places don't really care if your hurt, they just want you to work. I'm lucky I work for a good McDonald's.
   (No, their not asking me to say anything nice about them. I'm saying these things because I truly believe it and it's what happened. I happen to work for some really nice people.)
       Well, I ended up working only 4 hours even though I was scheduled for a 7 hour shift. I tried to hide how much it hurt but that's easier said then done. I had to take my 10 minute break a little early and I ended up hiding in a corner and crying a bit. He noticed it and I offered to take me home. He had been offering it for a while but I didn't feel right leaving when I had already been late. But I couldn't take it anymore. So he ended up driving me home and now here I am. Foot still hurts REALLY bad but at least I can rest. I'll make up for the hours I missed later on but right now I'm just a bit preoccupied.
       Though I have to give my sisters cat Truffles some credit. Normally she only wants me to give her attention or she's made at me and trying to scratch my eyes out (no I'm serious, she lunges at me over and over when she's not in a good mood) but today I guess she realized that I wasn't feeling good because she is purring and sitting on my legs instead. I wish she'd do this all the time but I guess I'll just have to enjoy it while it lasts :).
        Anyway, I'm going to get my compression bandage for my foot because I have a class to watch for my church today and I don't want to be in as much pain when I watch those rowdy kids. So enjoy the rest of your day and work hard :).

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against peaceful protesting. Many times it works out and you get what you need out of it.
However, many people use it as an excuse to be lazy. They decide that protesting is all they need to do to get what they want.
That's not true. To get what you want or need your going to have to get off your lazy butt and do something about it. If your protesting cutting down trees (for example) then do more then just protest it. Plant extra trees around your neighborhood (with permission where needed), get a petition started, find out the facts.
And most of all; THINK! Why does protesting always have to end up in violence. All your doing then is showing the world that you don't really care for the topic, you just want to break stuff. In the end your only hurting yourself.
If you really care for something, then do something about it. And don't participate in stuff that could potentially hurt yourself, others or your topic.

Get Over Yourself

Do you need to get over yourself?

Many of us ar in denail that we have a bad attitude that we need to get over.
No matter what you think about yourself, good or bad, I would like you to click the above link and read through it. You may be surprized by what you find out.

Basic Nail Care

Here are some basic rules you need to remember when it comes to your nails;

  1. Keep your nails an oval shape.
  2. Keep your nails clean, including under the nail.
  3. Don't tear, bite, or pick at your nails.
  4. Massage clean nails with moisturizer and leave for 30 minutes.
  5. Know your nails: strong, brittle, think, etc.
  6. Limit use of fake nails, nail varnishes, etc.
  7. Don't use them as nature's screwdriver.

Turn Your Life Around!

Just to Start
You want to turn your life around and make it better, correct?
Of course you do. Otherwise you wouldn't be here.
Well, let's start with the first thing you need to do this.
Your brain.
Yes, you read that right. Your brain is the first step to having a better life.
If you can't see the good in things or choose for yourself to enjoy things then you wont.
It's true that you can trick your brain into things.
Now obviously you can't trick your brain into letting you fly or anything like that. You must be realistic when changing your life. Crazy things aren't just going to start happening right before your eyes. Sometimes your going to have to push through the mess.
This is why your brain is so important. If you can't push through all the chaos that our world has to offer then how to you expect to enjoy life? Everything/one is going to try and knock you off your feet, and although this sounds very cliche, you must always get back up.

So! Here is a little dare:
I dare you to get up every morning like you normally do, except this time your going to look in the mirror and convince yourself that the day will be good. But don't stop there. Throughout the day you can't let yourself become disheartened. No matter what happens, think; it could always be worse.
Now get going and feel free to tell me how it's working out for you or if you have any other suggestions or comments.

Lazy Day

So today didn't start out well for me. Let me start with saying I'm a night owl. I tend to be most awake during the night no matter how long ago it was since I last slept. Last night was one of those nights for me, I didn't get to slept until 5(ish)am. The problem with that is that I was supposed to work at 9am - 2pm. It's not a long shift but it's long enough when you don't have much sleep. Not only that but it takes me an hour to walk there and I had woken up late so I had to walk extra fast. My calves are still burning. And walking home was just hot and too bright for my eyes to stand it.

So currently I am sitting in my room with my fans pointed right at me (no a/c in my room for now). So instead of doing major crafts for my Christmas plans today I'm just going to do some simple ones that can be done on my computer. I feel way too lazy today. I don't even know if I'm going to get my workout routine in... 0.0 I'm too sore but I probably should at least try to do a little something...
Anyway, this is what I'm working on Christmas Newsletter. It's going to be my own version but this is what I got the inspiration from.

Simply U

So I found this:
No I don't work for them nor am I getting paid to do this. I just know that there's a free sample of Simply U sulfate-free shampoo and I want to try it. I thought someone else might too. 

Paper Thin

So I met this girl today who is recovering from anorexia. The problem is that people are being so rude to her because she ever developed the disorder. They treat her as though she's a horrible person just because she fell into some bad stuff with food. The sad part is they turn to me and congratulate me on my body yet mine's not healthy either! I still struggle with anorexia too.
I suggest if you hear or meet anyone struggling with anorexia (or any other eating disorder) be a little more sympathetic and encourage them. Many people will quit trying to recover if it seems no one is on their side. If you haven't gone through it yourself you can't possibly understand how hard this is for us. Please, just congratulate them on trying. Who knows, you might be the one to spark a hardcore change in them.
I'll end this short post/rant by saying that thankfully this new friend of mine is still trying. She's ignoring all the bigots and doing her best to gain a healthy relationship with food. If you want to say anything to her you can post it here and I'll make sure she sees it.

For those of you who are going through your own eating disorder of any kind, stay strong and just remember that healthy is better and happier.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Christmas Music in August!

Wow lol I decided to turn on some Christmas music while I was preparing some Christmas activities to do later on with my dad's kindergarden students (he's letting me take charge of the crafts this year) and now I'm in a Christmas mood! I feel like it should be Christmas already. That was probably a bad idea lol. But I do love the feeling that I have now. I was even talking to some friends about it >.<. It's contagious!
Well, At least I'm getting the students taken care of. And I have a list of things that I need later on for fun things to do with my family. Now I just need to start getting the needs list for those things that I want to hide from them! This part is going to be so hard!
So, I am in love with the older music, it just feels more Christmas-y! And putting them on while decorating your home... 0.0 Perfection! Try it and see how it changes the mood that everyone is in. Even as a semi-rebellious teen, if there was older Christmas music on and plenty of beautiful decoration you could count on me helping out. :)

Big plans, Much to do!

So, first and foremost I would like to just say that I'm a bit odd. Now that you know that lets get down to business.
So far throughout my life party plans have always failed and special occasions turned into ordinary days with maybe a few hugs. Well I don't like that.
So this year I have decided that I'm going to do some REALLY special!
My favorite holiday it Christmas so that's the occasion I'm going to use. And since this year we have two foreign exchange students living with us I'm really going to go big!
But it's also a surprise... so if you know my family don't tell anyone! lol now to get down to business.
Starting now (I know it's early but there's a reason for that) I am going to be making stuff for decorations and getting gifts from all over. I'll have to find hiding places for all the stuff... maybe I'll get me a small storage unit to do so and say it's for my stuff... -.- I'll put a lock on it.
Anyway! I'm going to do everything I can!
Of course I will do some things with the family but for the most part things are going to be secret. And then on Christmas eve night when everyone goes to sleep, just like my parents did for me when I was a child, I will sneak out and put everything up. And plenty of presents :) because everyone loves those.
I want the place to be overrun with Christmas! :D
Then on Christmas morning I will wake up earlier then everyone and make a Christmas breakfast that I'll surprise them with. And well have treats, games, activities, and of course, present opening all day!
hehe! I'm already excited!

For the other holidays before then... ya... I'll just let the family take care of most of that. At least for this year.
I'll participate. Just not as much as I will be doing for Christmas.

And yes, I will be blogging EVERYTHING! I'll make sure to take lots of pictures and give you detailed accounts of whats going on so maybe some time you can follow my lead ^_^ and just so that you have something interesting to look forward too.
I'll probably be blogging everyday or at least every other day. wow... That's going to be a lot. But hey! At least it will all be fun fun fun!