Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Turn Your Life Around!

Just to Start
You want to turn your life around and make it better, correct?
Of course you do. Otherwise you wouldn't be here.
Well, let's start with the first thing you need to do this.
Your brain.
Yes, you read that right. Your brain is the first step to having a better life.
If you can't see the good in things or choose for yourself to enjoy things then you wont.
It's true that you can trick your brain into things.
Now obviously you can't trick your brain into letting you fly or anything like that. You must be realistic when changing your life. Crazy things aren't just going to start happening right before your eyes. Sometimes your going to have to push through the mess.
This is why your brain is so important. If you can't push through all the chaos that our world has to offer then how to you expect to enjoy life? Everything/one is going to try and knock you off your feet, and although this sounds very cliche, you must always get back up.

So! Here is a little dare:
I dare you to get up every morning like you normally do, except this time your going to look in the mirror and convince yourself that the day will be good. But don't stop there. Throughout the day you can't let yourself become disheartened. No matter what happens, think; it could always be worse.
Now get going and feel free to tell me how it's working out for you or if you have any other suggestions or comments.

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