Monday, August 20, 2012

Christmas Music in August!

Wow lol I decided to turn on some Christmas music while I was preparing some Christmas activities to do later on with my dad's kindergarden students (he's letting me take charge of the crafts this year) and now I'm in a Christmas mood! I feel like it should be Christmas already. That was probably a bad idea lol. But I do love the feeling that I have now. I was even talking to some friends about it >.<. It's contagious!
Well, At least I'm getting the students taken care of. And I have a list of things that I need later on for fun things to do with my family. Now I just need to start getting the needs list for those things that I want to hide from them! This part is going to be so hard!
So, I am in love with the older music, it just feels more Christmas-y! And putting them on while decorating your home... 0.0 Perfection! Try it and see how it changes the mood that everyone is in. Even as a semi-rebellious teen, if there was older Christmas music on and plenty of beautiful decoration you could count on me helping out. :)

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