Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Worse Day Pt. 2

So... As you may know, today has not been the best for me... Well, it got a little better, my dad helped me bandage my foot up (it's feeling a little better now but still sore) and my me gái (sister in vietnamese) Han let me... ok nevermind she begged me to curl her hair and she looks just like a porcelain doll now. So cute!
But then it was time for bed. So I walk into my bedroom and find out that... the cat (my sisters cat I'm watching for a while) dragged my favorite night robe into her litterbox. She was mad because I hadn't changed it in a while; I've been busy. She knew that I wore that thing all the time so she purposely dragged it in, I mean in in, it was completely pushed into the little box! GROSS! It was my favorite :( so warm and comfy and silky... well... I'm not wearing it now. But at least Truffles the cat got what she wanted. Just that I suffered for it. At least now I know never to skip a litter box cleaning or I might lose something else I like to her.

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