Saturday, September 1, 2012

What Happened?!

Well... What happened to you Emily?
It sounds like a bunch of excuses but I really was just really busy. I'd go to work all day and then I would come home and work some more and then I'd need sleep. -.- I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately.
Just yesterday I had to wake up at 5:30am go to work until 2:00pm, come home and pack, then work on more work at home, avoid getting killed by my sisters cat who was in a killing mood, then my father, sister Han, and I all ate a dinner around 6ish and watch one half hour TV show. By then it was 7:30pm, but the 'day' wasn't over yet. We all threw our stuff in the car, talk to our neighbor about watching our house for the weekend and took a drive up to Las Vegas, Nevada to visit our grandma. Han slept in the car (she looked so cute!) but my pa and I stayed up keeping each other awake so we could arrive safely. We finally made it to grandma's house around 2am the next day, ate some food and went to sleep.
Since grandma is usually by herself we don't have separate beds so dad sleeps on the couch and Han and I share a king mattress in the guest room (grandma just moved to this house and doesn't have the whole bed up yet) Han is a bit of a bed hog and a blanket hog but she's just so cute it's hard to do anything about it. So I ended up sleeping half on half off the bed.
Well, I'm back now at least! and I have a lot of new and wonderful stuff for everyone :D so ta ta for now!

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