Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Emilys blog update

Well as I'm sure you have all noticed, I have a new friend to help me out with this blog :)
Sonne is a really good friend of mine whom I met through our similar diy interest. While sometimes she gets a little over zealous of something she is passionate about and forgets the practical aspects of things she sure does know how to find good things and is very creative. I trust her judgment and sure hope that everyone who reads this blog will see her the way I do.

I do want to appologize to all the grammar Nazis out there (cough Sonne cough) I am not feeling good today so I'm in my room with the lights out on my phone. Nonetheless I felt that I wanted to post this so that is exactly what I've done, I'm sure Sonne will come through here and correct any huge mistakes I've made because she's boss.

Anyway, as for an update on what's going on; fall officially starts september 22 this year, so it is really close. On that day, while my household is at school/work I will be putting up a few surprizes for them. Now on off chance that they stumble across this blog I will not yet be posting what those surprizes will be, but when the day comes I will be sure to inform you and I will even post a video of what happens (with everyones permission of course).Throughout the holidays I will do my best to keep you all informed of whats going on because I have a lot of fun things planned and hopefully you will think of your own ways to have fun with your family. If you do anything
special and wish to inform us please do. Or if you simply have an idea but will not be using it you can comment your thought and if I see it I may post it on this blog. Just make sure to be very discriptive so everyone knows what you have in mind.

Also, this is an informative blog so if you have any questains you would like answers to; feel free to comment or privetly message Sonne or me and we will do our best to answer you. If you dont want your name on the blog with the question or comment then just tell us. We will respect your privacy.

With love from Emily and Sonne, enjoy your life and remember to have fun.

Dang... my foot is asleep and it hurts...

P.s. Sonne did edit the crap out of Emily's grammar and spelling.

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