Thursday, September 20, 2012

Writer's Block

We all get writers block. The question is how you can get past it.
Some ways that I have personally found to help is simply rereading what you have already wrote or trying to daydream the rest of your story.
But there are other ways;

  • Just force yourself to sit down and write. Just don't over stress yourself or you'll get no where.
  • Evaluate your work area. If it's cluttered, noisy, or filled with distractions you need to fix it up.
  • Relax! If your mind is other places you wont focus and if your body is tired or sore you wont want to do anything.
  • Drink some hot tea. It's relaxing and since there's so many different kinds out there your bound to like one.
  • Don't stress it! It wont do you any good to worry about it.
Sometimes your just going to have to give up and try something else to do. If you try to give yourself a deadline or stress yourself out over how the story is going then your only going to bring on more writer's block. It's all in your head. Remember that. Have a clear head and a relaxed state of mind and body and you'll do just fine. Remember that EVERYONE gets writer's block at least once in their lives. If you have to write anything chances are your going to have some trouble somewhere.

So relax, enjoy, and keep on writing.

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