Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Worse Day EVER!

In order for you to understand I must tell it in story like detail.
     So, this morning my dad came in to say goodbye as he headed off to school. I saw that I still had almost 3 hours till I had to work so I went back to sleep knowing my alarm clock would go off at 7 for me. Well... it didn't go off. -.-* I woke up at 8:30 knowing I was in so much trouble. It takes me an hour to walk to work and I had to be there at nine.
     The second problem is that I don't have a phone to call in and tell them I'm going to be late. So as I was putting on my uniform I turned on my computer and texted people via email. I texted a fellow coworker who had the same schedule as me, for a ride but his phone was turned off so instead I messaged my father. I knew he was in class so I just left a message asking if he could call. For backup I messaged a friend on facebook and thankfully she was able to call in and tell them I would be an hour late.
     Well, now I could walk to work and not have to worry about getting in trouble for being late since I warned them. So I walked. But there was more trouble to come.
     I started walking as fast as I could without ending up wearing myself out too much and I was lucky enough to catch all the walk signs so I was making good time. But as I was walking down the sidewalk a person on a bike came up behind me (mind you there was plenty of room to go around me) and he nearly hit me. So now I'm upset that I'm late, and frustrated at this man.
      But I need to get to work so I keep on walking. I'm tired and it's muggy and the air quality isn't the greatest because of the summer fires. Then I passed by a place that was under construction. -.- They were digging and there was dust EVERYWHERE! It was hard to breathe and I kept coughing. But nonetheless I had to keep walking so I could get to work.
      Then low and behold, I make it through the 'dust storm' and approach a bike shop and cafe. Of course! They had to have their sprinklers on! And the sidewalk is skinnier here so there was no way around it and those sprinklers were on so high that the sidewalk was drenched.
       So I took a deep breath, and dashed through it. I had to run that whole block through sprinklers and I was so wet when I finally got off that block. Luckily, I still had a ways to go to dry off (I didn't fully dry until an hour into work).
        But of course, there had to be more problems. I pasted by a university where people were cutting the lawn. -.- I have horrible allergies to grass.... So! More walking but this time add coughing, sneezing, and itchy watery eyes.
         A few more blocks and I can finally see my lovely McDonald's (my job). And I trip.
This is where the worse of it happens.
        For a long time now I've had a problem with the bone in my foot; it's twisted the wrong way. So sometimes that bone pops and hurts really bad. This was one of those times. And it was horrible. It hurt so bad I started crying right there on the public sidewalk.
       Well I got to work and thanks to those who helped my call in they weren't expecting my in for a while. I had managed to walk fast enough (and run in some cases) that I arrived only a 25mins late, not an hour like I had thought. So since I called in (or rather my friend and dad did) I wasn't in trouble. I found my manager and limped to work.
        I was doing my best at working and not complaining about it but my foot was hurting so much that my manager could see it in my face and pestered me about it until I told him. He kept asking if I was alright and let me sit a little bit when my good leg got tired of holding me up (since I couldn't use the injured one or it hurt more) and he helped do the hard running around for me. I felt a bit useless but at least I was taking orders and it was really nice of him to do that. Most managers in fast food places don't really care if your hurt, they just want you to work. I'm lucky I work for a good McDonald's.
   (No, their not asking me to say anything nice about them. I'm saying these things because I truly believe it and it's what happened. I happen to work for some really nice people.)
       Well, I ended up working only 4 hours even though I was scheduled for a 7 hour shift. I tried to hide how much it hurt but that's easier said then done. I had to take my 10 minute break a little early and I ended up hiding in a corner and crying a bit. He noticed it and I offered to take me home. He had been offering it for a while but I didn't feel right leaving when I had already been late. But I couldn't take it anymore. So he ended up driving me home and now here I am. Foot still hurts REALLY bad but at least I can rest. I'll make up for the hours I missed later on but right now I'm just a bit preoccupied.
       Though I have to give my sisters cat Truffles some credit. Normally she only wants me to give her attention or she's made at me and trying to scratch my eyes out (no I'm serious, she lunges at me over and over when she's not in a good mood) but today I guess she realized that I wasn't feeling good because she is purring and sitting on my legs instead. I wish she'd do this all the time but I guess I'll just have to enjoy it while it lasts :).
        Anyway, I'm going to get my compression bandage for my foot because I have a class to watch for my church today and I don't want to be in as much pain when I watch those rowdy kids. So enjoy the rest of your day and work hard :).

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