Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who wants abs!

I'm getting fit! Oh noes! This can't be good!

So, to start with I found THIS!
And I'm going to make these habits mine so my metabolism is faster.
Check them out.
I'm also going to be exercising and stretching everyday.
And walking to work -.- That takes an hour for me and it's uphill coming home...

Now for those of you who already know me you know that I am an aerialist. So yes, my arms are strong.
But I'm not fit.
Most of what I personally do is just enough in my arms and legs to keep me on the ropes or harnesses but that doesn't mean I'm fit.
I do have a gut (I can't believe I told you that!) and I am pretty weak... I'm teased enough about that...
So for me I'm going to be focusing on strength and a little more flexibility because I need that for my job (not the McDonald's one, that's just my part time thing.
So wish me luck everyone!

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